Thursday, October 17, 2013

Incoming important contests this weekend

We are already deep in the final quarter of the year 2013, and the end approaches. The last contests of the year are very close, so you need to wrap things up for the final hooray!

This weekend we have a triad of really cool contests to put our eyes on:

  • Golden Demon Italy 2013:

    Who will win the last Slayersword of 2013? Or maybe even the last Slayersword out of the UK ever? I'm sure the level of the contest will be amazing, as it always is (and has been especially these past few years) but we are also very interested to see what will happen to GDs in the future. Will GW learn from its mistakes or will they destroy the event forever?

  • Hussar 2013:

    A consolidated contest in Poland, kitchen of some of the most amazing paintjobs lately. Beautiful land and beautiful people, who could resist to the invitation? We will watch this event closely.

  • Soldat de Plom:

    This traditional contest organized by El Baluard association in Girona gathers not only painters in Catalunya, but also the rest of Spain, France, Italy or Greece. Historical and Fantasy united in this beautiful town of the Costa Brava. Very recommended!

But apart from this weekend, there's more stuff happening before the year 2013 ends...

The countdown is on to Monte San Savino, the most celebrated contest by painters all around the world because of its legendary good vibes and comradery. This is the year in which I will finally make it happen so I'm really excited about it!

Also, in Madrid the end of the season also brings the already classic "Open de Quimera". And this year, with the appearance of the "Goblin Days" in Goblintrader, not only will we have one contest, but two! I will be participating in both, as a judge (Goblin Days) and as contestant (Open de Quimera) so it's a really exciting prospect!

So there's still quite a lot to look forward before the year ends... miniaturistically speaking of course! :)

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Unknown said...

Cool! We'll be going to and reporting from three of those four!

But you forgot the "Campaign of the Trolls" in Nice!

P.S.: The captcha showed '42' :D