Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hussar 2013 - Photos of some of the best entries

Another of the contests celebrated this weekend was Hussar 2013, the Polish contest which is getting more and more interesting every year.

This was the Best of Show, by Stefan Johnsson (skelettetS):

Thank god for Allan Carrasco!

But the contest was filled with little diamonds! Take a look at some of them!

Oh my god these Grey Knights!

Have you seen the detail on this one?

Amazing use of paintbrush and colours!

I told you I love the new Dark Elves releases for a reason...

Even though she's crushing my beloved High Elves... I love her!!!

Kirill Kanaev going crazy, as usual :)

All photos have been extracted from Joker Studio Sławomir Borysowski facebook page. Make sure you check out the rest of the Hussar photos in his Hussar album or in the official Hussar 2013 Facebook page.

I have never been to Poland... maybe next year? :)


matheo said...

You definitely should! Hussar is going stronger every year, it would be a shame for a painter of your level to miss it.

REDAV said...

Hi I'm happy you like my Nocturna Luz model. I encourage you to visit Poland for Hussar 2014 because this years edition was definitely the best and I'm not talking about the painting level but organization and people that attended.

Syneloi said...

Moje wojowanie ołowianym i plastykowym wojskiem zakończyło się latach siedemdziesiątych. Powodzenia!