Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Listen to "The Story of the Spanish Team" (only in Spanish)

This is one of those posts that if you are not a Spanish speaker, you will not be able to fully enjoy. I will translate it anyway, so that you know what this is all about, perhaps you decide you want to learn our language just to understand everything!

The Astronomicon is back! The best podcast about wargames and miniatures in Spanish!

And this time I am not writing about it in the blog to announce our monthly program "The Big Three", in which David Rodríguez (Karaikal), Pablo López Jimeno (Paloji) and I entertain you with lots of painting and even more laughter, in Spanish of course. This time it's about something quite different!

Would you imagine that no one dreamt to reach higher, to improve and be able to do things that time before seemed like impossible?

This is how the most endearing (and cheesy) program I have ever listened to in the Astronomicon begins.

Anyone that reads this blog from time to time will probably know what the Spanish Team forum is. A place where, nearly 10 years ago, the most important fantasy painting community that has ever existed in Spain was created. It all began a few years before that, when the Spanish Team was created, a group of painters who, desiring greater glory, united to test their skills out of our borders.

Once upon a time... there was the Spanish Team

The program is a tribute to a group of painters who were, in my opinion, pioneers in our little painting world, who founded the bases of a huge community in Spain of which many, like me, are still part.

I invite you all to listen to the program, if you know Spanish of course (if not you won't understand a single thing). Some parts of the podcast are really endearing and nearly made me cry, reminding me of those great times.

As my personal tribute to that era, I leave you a collection of "Magic" cards which I created during the Golden Age of the ST Forum, in the best moment of our most beloved initiative: "La Raspura Oscura".

Anyway... La Raspura Oscura...

La Raspura Oscura is a whole different story... one that might also be told one day. :)

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