Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Using miniatures for pick up lines

Last week, my good Australian friend Kyle Morgan (cheers Kyle!) pointed me to this absolutely wonderful video, an excerpt from the TV Show of Conan O'Brien:

Watch at least the first minute and a half!

If you paint miniatures, you will have probably found this video absolutely hilarious! Because, seriously, I DO IDENTIFY MYSELF WITH THAT CONVERSTATION. XD

    Let's say you're dating.
    Are you up front about the miniature figurines?
    Do you come out with that right away?

Hilarious as this is (I love Conan O'Brien), it really is a very common thing in our lives (nerd painter's lives), and very funny if you think about it. How many of you have hidden your nerdy hobby/addiction to your dates/girlfriends/boyfriends? Are you totally upfront like Ansel or do you wait until a second or third date to confess? :D

Ansel Elgort is a very young american actor who really happens to paint miniatures, it wasn't anything prepared for the show. Actually, he paints very well! I did some digging into this, and found (some of you may know this already) that he is a Golden Demon winner! He has won no less than 3 Golden Demons in the US (that we have record of)! Check them out!

Click on the image to check his Demonwinner page

He really is a very cool guy, promising actor and miniature painter? Wonderful combination!

I hope he has time to continue painting! Keep up Ansel! :)


trovarion said...

Never had any problems with telling women about my hobby. Most of them realy show interest in it, since it is a more specialised interest and not an everyday hobby. Then again I only tend to date intelligent women. With maybe this one exception, a girl that had sex with me because I said I do "sculpting" and she simply wouldn't understand that it wasn't the artsy intellectual art-school type I thought: Oh well and went ahead ^_^ So yes, on the contrary, the miniature hobby isn't awkward to most women, it actually even can get you laid...

Unknown said...

I don't hide the fact that I paint mini's I even tell my mates at work, let me tell you that is way harder than telling a potential partner.