Thursday, March 13, 2014

Modeling Stories in Miniature: the Cursed Monkeys book has just arrived!

Look what just arrived in the mailbox!

The full Cursed Monkeys book crowdfunding campaing set!

Let's do a little unboxing of it all!

Some time ago, a group of friends from the south of Spain gathered up and created "The Cursed Monkeys", a team of painters and sculptors. Antonio Fernandez Lizaso, aka Piquifl, thought of creating a book on how they viewed the miniature creation hobby, with processes, tips and tricks for all kinds of hobbyists.

Modeling stories in Miniature, by Antonio Fernadez Lizaso (Cursed Monkeys)

A few of them are professional painters, making a living on what they paint, so it was difficult to finance this book with their own funds. So they decided to ask for money by crowdfunding.

Included letter explaining the reasons for the book and the crowdfunding

The book is fantastic, great printing quality with very interesting processes, photos and explanations. This is one of those books you want to have in your shelves. Mandatory reading!

You could choose between English and Spanish, I took my mother tongue of course.

Back cover.

And thanks to the crowdfunding campaign you could get some extras, which really make a difference.

Cool ilustrations made by Antonio's sister, Maria.

Monkeys everywhere.

An extra book which is a gallery of some of the works from the members of the team.

Pages inside the gallery book.

More extras! A DVD with video tutorials, a 54 mm mannequin, cool stickers...

After receiving all of the items on time, it shows how the campaign was a great success, everything was carefully delivered on time and the results are amazing. Congratulations to Antonio and all the team for the good work, for this awesome book and for their great contribution to the painting world!

And for being a good friend, mine has a handwritten dedication by Antonio himself! COOL!

This book was made especifically for the crowdfunding campaign, but I'm sure the Cursed Monkeys must have a few more to sell. You should contact them if you missed the campaign!

First came the Massive Voodoo book, then the Cursed Monkeys book... Can't wait to see more indie initiatives like this!

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