Monday, March 17, 2014

Selfies in Leganés 2014

Leganés was quite a blast, I have to admit. A very interesting event, with a growing community around it, massive contest and great commercial area.

But the day for me was not the typical of what one would expect of a contest. I didn't bring any miniatures so I didn't pay much attention to the competition. Actually, I didn't even take a look at the minis (this was a first timer for me, I didn't even have the time). So obviously, I can't share any photos of the miniatures with you guys, I'm very sorry about that. So... if I didn't see the contest, what did I do instead?


With Diego Esteban, dieguete

With sculptor master Pedro Fernández

With Lord Jasegev (my good friend Tupperware)

With Jose Luis Diez, Porta

With Iván Hortal, arsenus_kaligar

With Toni Nieto

With the two Antonio Fernández's from the Cursed Monkeys (A. Fernández and Piquifl)

With Sergiete (yes, the one who painted that awesome Space Wolf Bust!) ;)

With Pablo López, Paloji

With Asier Aranzábal

With Rafa Coll (Rafa Coll Blog) and Luis Gómez Pradal

With legends Elías Alonso (Morsi) and Julio Cabos

With Fernando Ruiz (H&V CEO) and Jonatan Monerris

With Enrique Velasco (emuse)

With a Stormtrooper!

With the old and the new, Raspuro legend Kike, Berek and Nils

With Jesús Martín (Nocturna CEO)

With David Rodríguez (Karaikal) and son, little Nicolás Polomir

With Roberto Sánchez (Scale75 CEO)

With the master Alfonso Giraldes (Banshee)

With Adrián Prado, illustrator at Scale75 and brand new roomate! (behind Banshee)

With Adrián Prado again, if Banshee lets us this time

With Raspuro legend Sergio Córdoba, master_of_puppets

With sculptor Hugo Gómez, vindicare (Bigchild Creatives)

With master Jose Palomares, JMPN

With Victor, el Peanas

With sculptor master Joaquín Palacios (Freeman)

And with them! o.O The most famous! XD

Lots of selfies, lots of friends and celebrities. I'm sure you recognise a lot of them right? The best of the best in Spain gathered here this weekend! Only a few of them missing who I didn't have the chance to talk to, here's me wishing for neverending time!

I definitely enjoyed the few hours I spent on Saturday! ;)

And you? What were you doing in the meantime? :P


-Matt Cexwish- said...

You are the ultimate Fan, it´s INCREDIBLE...:D:D:D... Love the Selfies! :D... Too bad there are no Pictures of Miniatures, but maybe there are Links somewhere? :)

See you soon, my Friend...:)...

Unknown said...

Not a single duckface.
I am disappoint.