Wednesday, May 28, 2014

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW of the Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter

To make up for the mistake on Monday, today I bring EXCLUSIVE images from the Fallen Frontiers Kickstarter, to be released officially on Friday May 30 at 21h CET.

I have been able to check the draft of the Kickstarter campaign, and I tell you, it's absolutely mindblowing. Some of the best miniatures in the market, cool factions, sci-fi goodness. Oh my god, I just can't wait!

My privileged position allows me to prepare my pledge before Friday (I will not miss the early bird, by all means!!!). But to all my dear readers of the blog, I share with you the EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW of the pledge which I will most probably go for on Friday at 21h. I present you, the "ELITE" PLEDGE!

Let's go deeper into what this glorius piece of sweet product of creation brings inside...

So that's the whole Fallen Frontiers boxed set with both Riff and Ares factions, plus 2 more factions (could be the other two, Sayx and Harvester? Or maybe extra of the other two if we prefer? Or maybe of future factions still unknown to us? Damn I can't wait!), plus 2 boosters which are basically elite units (wait til you see them... here's my mouth watering right now!!)... plus extra scenery for the game (I've already seen some of it, and god it looks cool) and all that is 140 pounds only for early birds. SIGN ME IN!!!

Rumour is that there is an even better pledge for true "COMMANDERS"... with more miniatures than the elite one, vehicles, more scenery...

Ooops! I can't say anything more about it, we'll have to wait until Friday!

Oh... and believe me when I say that your mind will EXPLODE when you see the STRETCH GOALS they have prepared... :O



Unknown said...

Damn you, more than 48h waiting will be hell after your teaser :-)
No, serious, thanks for sharing

Bacms said...

Hmmm very tempting

Dave said...

Loving the Heavy weapons guys thats what I am in for.