Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Painting course in Almería - June 7 and 8 (in Spanish)

Yesterday, for a few minutes I said that Fallen Frontiers was coming out, I was deceived by my impatience!

I corrected the mistake pretty fast, but the error was out there. I have a big mouth! :D This happens even to the best families!

But no, they are still waiting for the approval of KS, so we will have to wait until the guys in the platform decide to press the OK button. And until that moment arrives, I will tell you that on june 7 and 8 we are going to celebrate a course in Almería, with the typical format I did in the past, which is, two days straight and an intensive set of topics to discuss.

The course is in Spanish but I have been told that some non-spanish speakers may also want to join, so here I leave the information. If you need more details, contact me!

And for those who want courses, remember that I have a site in the blog for these. Sadly it is still not in English but I will do that work very soon, don't worry. I will keep you informed!

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