Monday, May 26, 2014

This week, finally, Fallen Frontiers!

EDITED: Sorry, my fault, I said TODAY because finally they still do not have the KS approval. But it's a matter of hours. I CAN'T WAIT ANY MORE!!!!

The beginning of this week brings us a couple of announcements which are pretty interesting.

First one is that definitely this week, if divine elements do not prevent it, the Fallen Frontiers kickstarter will see the light of day. A project that I have followed very closely since its creation many many months ago and that I have already talked about since I have very good friends working to make it happen.

And I am so involved that when the moment of need came because of the huge workload they would have to deal with, I helped by painted the first of the Riff that was revealed as teaser of the kickstarter campaign. It's this one that I present to you now:

I'm sure many of you had already seen it in the Facebook page of Fallen Frontiers. Yes, they didn't mention me (they will have to be punished for that haha) but I am responsible for the brushwork. I have to say it was an authentic pleasure to paint it because the sculpture is incredible and the volumes are so good that it's one of those miniatures that you paint and finish without even realizing. And this is not just me speaking! It really was so easy and cool to paint that I can't wait to have more Fallen Frontiers minis to paint on my table!

So I will be very much connected this week to the campaign, I have been told by a "little birdie" that the early birds will enjoy lots of interesting deals. And one of them has to be me!!

The other announcement, tomorrow! ;)


Unknown said...

Looking soooo much for it....
And was quite dissapointed about the first mis-start.
So what is so "today, finally"?
Do you expect/(maybe know) that they start today :-)?

BTW: Your painted mini gave may faction decision the right spin ;-)

Unknown said...

I keep pressing F5 myself :D

As soon as the launch is confirmed, we'll do a Beeble-Babble with Elias & the gang ;)

That KS looks AWESOME.

Rafael García Marín said...

Sorry guys... not today... BUT VERY SOON!!! I was misinformed XD