Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday teaser of... Fallen Frontiers!

At last!!!

I am so excited to see this finally coming out. This huge project is absolutely amazing, and I can say this first hand because I know many of the people involved in its development. I had the chance to sneak peek some of the things they are preparing, and I tell you: it's mindblowing! It is still a little early but the kickstarter is coming out very soon and I just can't wait for everything to be revealed!

Learn all about Fallen Frontiers on their facebook page, website, and of course, in kickstarter in a few days!

Stay tuned! (CAN'T WAIT!!!)


Dave said...

Sound bunch of blokes dealt with them on the Duel Fighters kickstarter and good luck to them..

Rafael García Marín said...

Not the same guys that did Duel Fighters though!! This is going to be good stuff, believe me!

Unknown said...

Mmh, very excited about it.
When the starterbox is a good deal I might give it a chance (as long it is no china plastic material).
What I am wondering is the fact, that in that box there will be 34 miniatures.
That doesnt sound very skirmish-scale for me.
But anyways I will keep my eyes open, although I just (re)started with Infinity, so this KS will have have a hard competition. I hope it can define its own style of rules

Diane Tiessen said...

This is Diane Tiessen reporting that Fallen Frontiers is AMAZING.

Diane Tiessen said...

There's no way for the colonies to stay in contact without the twin quantum atoms, but thank goodness we still have the internet to access Volomir's Blog and the Final Frontiers Kickstarter. If not, all hope would be lost...