Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fallen Frontiers kickstarter: Friday 9pm CET - FOR REAL!

Ok, this time I'm not mistaken! ;) No jokes, contrasted and confirmed!

I have official confirmation that Fallen Frontiers kickstarter will be out on Friday at 21h CET. A project that I have followed very closely since its creation many many months ago and that I have already talked about since I have very good friends working to make it happen.

So, even though I failed yesterday because I put the post too early, this time it's for real. It's still not announced on their facebook page, but it will be in the next few hours. Expect really cool early bird deals... but be fast, because one of them will be mine, and I will not share! hahaha

1 comment:

Dave said...

I will be the second early bird then. Looking forward to it. The way the miniatures are looking think I'm going to be buying all 3 factions.

Your paintjobs as usual really add to the project.