Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Do Not Miss: March 2015

Winter is done! Let's rejoice and check out the most interesting things I've seen in the blogosphere for this month of March:


Articles and tutorials

  • Theory Thursdays in Massive Voodoo: Probably my favourite section now in Massive Voodoo. Tons of knowledge to learn out here, by the pen of our beloved Raffaele Picca. This is just the first one but every week you will find more!

  • Realistic eyes by Raffaele Picca: This wonderful experiment by Raffa shows how he created ultra realistic eyes in this wonderful bust sculpted by Romain Van den Bogaert.

  • Dschingis Cow by Roman Lappat: Roman spent quite some time to finish this one, but there's very interesting words to read from this experience.

  • Sculpting a hand by Philippe Faraut: This is a video that shows how to sculpt a hand in 1:1 scale. Different techniques and materials used in a scale like this one but I believe it's wonderful to see the process and maybe inspiration for your experiments in miniature. A must!

Events and reports

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