Wednesday, March 25, 2015

MuMi presents its website

What I'm going to talk today about is a wonderful initiative that has been developing in Milan (Italy) in the last few years.

You may have seen some miniatures in contests with a tag saying 'MuMi' or maybe some of the greatest artists in the miniature world wearing t-shirts with their name and the 'MuMi' tag. MuMi stands for 'Museum of Miniatures' and its a dream come true for all of us in our little miniature painting world. Finally, a collection with pieces from some of the best that will be in show for all to see, in the same place!

Just yesterday, I was told by some of my colleagues that the website is finally open, so the MuMi is really moving forward! Here you can see the link and the website as is at the moment.

MuMi features some of the best miniature artists from all of the world. I am proud and honoured to be amongst them, together with all of my idols, masters and painting referents, all of them I am lucky to call friends.

Out of my miniatures gallery, MuMi currently possesses 4 pieces: The Ork Nob, Korps of Krieg Grenadiers, Korps of Krieg at Ease, and my biggest job up to date, The Last Stand of The Crimson Fists.

I can't wait to see the MuMi physically come true! Stay tuned to the website and their recently opened Facebook page. MuMi will help increasing the visibility of our work and its appreciation from the general public.

Extremely hyped!

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