Friday, March 13, 2015

Retrospecter: The High Elves Sea Guard

It's Friday! What a good day for a good old...


There's probably a lot of people out there preparing for the contest in Madrid this weekend (at least from Spain!). But I'm sure that there's also many who will not have the chance to attend, so to you I bring you something to see instead. Some good old minis of mine. The High Elves Sea Guard!

Already a classic of the blog, this unit continued the idea that Tribute to the Fallen started. It also set the colours of the whole army, and was a great experience for me to try painting many miniatures at the same time at a very high level, and not thinking about a contest but more on a future army. I learnt the good things that you get when you don't have the pressure of an incoming contest!

Probably the best thing from this unit is the very extensive article that I wrote on how I converted and painted them. I know it has been an inspiration for many already, and that fills me with pride and joy, but in case you haven't checked it yet, here it is.


Until our next Retrospecter, enjoy the weekend!


Rog said...

This is perfection, thanks for sharing these amazing pics. Greetings!

Unknown said...

Visualmente espectaculares.

Unknown said...

That's really an amazing work! I'm not a fan of the pointy ears, but they look awesome!

canny said...

Its quite a challenge to paint to a high standard! Fortunatley we dont have quite the same level to attain with 5000 miniatures for a massive WW1 diorama, you can read about it here