Wednesday, July 13, 2011

High Elves Sea Guard

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This Sea Guard was painted as part of my future High Elves army which I started with the Elf prince of Tribute to the Fallen. I know I won't finish my army anytime soon, maybe I will die before I see them completed, but it's something i'd love to have. These guys went to the spanish Golden Demon 2011 and they won Gold in the Fantasy Unit category.

Any comments are more than welcome, as usual.

Link a coolminiornot:

Behind the scenes: Step by Step Article


Minitrol said...

Dude, these are amazing was totally worth the seventh months of watching!

Simon Modrow said...

Amazing unit! Besides the painting I really like all the small conversions. Congratulations on the award! si.

Doman said...


Pawel said...

I read your step-by-step article many times and I am sure I will do it over and over again anyway. :) Thanks for taking time and showing how you create these fantastic models. They are great inspiration and I am very happy that your efforts were awarded with Golden Daemon. Congratulations! I hope you will paint some more High Elves in the future :)

Jack said...

I wish I could paint like that!

Colonel Shofer said...



Sunjay said...

Absolutely beautiful! I have been wondering how to airbrush my high elves for a while and you even painted them in the same color as I wanted mine to be. Thank you for the tutorial. It was incredibly helpful.

Unknown said...

There are wonderful Sea Guards!
I really enjoyed reading your step-by-step tutorial, really helpful.

Makes the whole zenithian lighting a lot more meaningful!