Thursday, July 21, 2011

Destination: USA

Yes my friends. I will be visiting USA very soon, during all of September and for more than a month. Concretely, the East Coast, and New York will serve as my headquarters for all that time.

Why do I tell you guys this? Very simple. This trip will just be a vacation but I am planning to move out of Spain in the near future somehow, and my favourite destination right now is the USA. I may have someone waiting for me in NYC (the girl in the yellow shirt, you might remember her) and not really anything tying me to Spain (apart from friends and family, obviously). So I would like this post to serve for two purposes:

    1. First of all, I need help! Emigrating to the US is very difficult as you know. It's quite impossible if you don't have a job offer and a company willing to sponsor you. I am a Telecommunications Engineer (which would be equivalent to Electrical and Computer Science Engineer in the States) and I have two years experience working as a researcher and developer in university and another two years as an IT Consultant for an important company in Spain with presence worldwide (Indra Sistemas). I don't have problems finding jobs in Spain but it's very difficult to get hired abroad if they don't know you, and US is specially difficult for visa reasons. So I want to use this post as a call for help from all my reader friends in the US, all of you who follow my blog, I'm sure someone will be able to help me. Contacts, reccommendations, any info will be more than appreciated. I can compensate any help with my painting knowledge! ;)

    2. There is huge community of painters in the US, but as far as I know, the vast majority is game related. I want to find people really interested in the painting hobby, or maybe gamers who really want to learn about miniature painting. I will be in New York in September and I'm planning to visit Boston, Washington and perhaps even Miami. I don't really know yet. But what I'm sure about is that I want to meet you guys! I don't know about painting communities in the US as close as what we have in Europe. This could be a great moment to start something! Just drop me an email or let me know if you are interested too. Don't miss this opportunity!

I hope something good comes out of this post. If you want to contact me, you know where to find me. I am open to everything. Thank you everyone and enjoy your painting!

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