Monday, July 4, 2011

GD Spain 2011 Singles

Photos of some of the singles I could photograph in GD Spain 2011.

One of Rubén (darthgollum) entries, an Ork we have seen before in other contests in the past. Simple yet beautifully painted.

Nice dwarf.


Sigmar hunter.

Gold in single fantasy by Iguazzu.

A nice ork in the shadows by Dieguete.

Bretonnian Knight by Lotina.

Korhil by Petrus.

Vampire countess.



Boromir, bronze in LOTR by Damek.

Tomb king.

Bilbo by arsenus_kaligar.

Éowyn by Miguel Matías. Check out the three miniatures behind, those are from left to right, bronze (by Damek), silver (by Elias Alonso) and gold (by emuse).

Inquisitorial Scribe.

Tyranid Hunter.

Arwen, Gold in LOTR by emuse.

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