Monday, July 4, 2011

GD España 2011 Squads and Units

I entered competition in Fantasy Unit with the unit of elves you have been following on my WIPs, the High Elves Sea Guard, and won Gold. I will post decent photos of them soon. Meanwhile, these are photos of other Squads and Units, from 40k and Fantasy.

Mordheim's unit, by Borja Garcia (Fenix).

A unit of orcs, which got the bronze in Fantasy unit.

A very old school ogres Fantasy Unit, which got Silver in Monster Fantasy.

Skeletons from the Tomb Kings by Pablo Plaza.

Space Wolves Terminators Squad bronze in squad 40k by Santiago Pérez Sarrido.

A squad of Kriegs Death Riders, gold in 40k squad.

Killer Kan squad.

Harlequin squad, silver in 40k squad.

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