Monday, July 4, 2011

GD Spain 2011 Duels and Dioramas

Photos of dioramas and duels. What an awesome painting level we had this year.

A Skaven Diorama by Elroi, and detail photos. It won Silver in Diorama.

The Slayersword of this year's Golden Demon and Gold in Duel. A fight between a griffin and a giant who is stealing the griffin's eggs. No explanations required.

Paloji's duel, very similar to the one that won the Slayersword, but this time, the giant is fighting a dragon.

A goblin tries to tame a juggernaut in Duel. By Miguel Matías, bronze.

The end of light, by Petrus.

Squig Race, by Miguel Matías.

Basilisk's Duel, proof of how difficult this GD was this year.

A dwarf going to get burnt.

More dioramas.

Two skeletons arm wrestling. Exquisite.

A duel that reminds me of Dawn of War.

Dreadking against a Dark Eldar by emuse. Silver in Duel.

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