Friday, July 8, 2011

WIP: High Elves Sea Guard part 9

Previously on... WIP: High Elves Sea Guard

Detailing the banner!

This is a much more artistic process, I can't think of the most efficient approach in terms of time. Just have some happy painting time and enjoy. Using the freehand tecnique, I will try to make the motifs as similar as possible to the original design I made in GIMP.

First of all, I paint the gem in the center. I could have separated the gem as a different shape in red and done its painting with the airbrush. It would have probably been easier and faster but I realized it later, so it doesn't matter. Then the first shapes inside the star.

Be patient and enjoy, it's not as difficult as it may seem, and it's very fun! Shadows on the arms of the star, and also fixing of the stripes in some areas:

Same to the back of the banner. See the outlining of the lion head in process.

And now that I have more or less the design finished, I use the airbrush to give general shadows to all the flag, which will help maintain the ambience and give coherency to the whole banner.

Same to the back.

Finally, there are only minor details left to be painted on the elves, such as the wood on the spears, and other stuff which I have already explained.

So this means this is the end of the WIP. But stay tuned for the final photos of the High Elves Sea Guard. They have just returned from Golden Demon Spain and they were awarded Gold in Single Fantasy!

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