Monday, July 4, 2011

GD España 2011 Monsters

Photos of Monsters in general (Fantasy and 40k).

Treeman converted from an ogre.

Goblin on squig.

Azhag The Slaughterer, silver in Monster Fantasy by Francisco Gil.

Dieguete and Banshee's giant (you've seen this one already, I'm sure...). This time, Gold in Monster Fantasy.

Ogryn by Rubén Pérez Alonso (mercenary ogyn), Silver in Monster 40k.

Freebooter Ork by Marc Masclans. Bronze in Monster 40k.

A Goblin King on his squig, by Silvaeth (Lucas Pina). Scratchbuilt!


KyleM said...

Woah really good entries! I love Ruben's Ogre and the Freebooter Ork! So cool.

Anonymous said...

i feel sorry for the squig lol