Wednesday, March 11, 2015

10 reasons not to miss the V edition of the Leganés contest this weekend

Here are 10 reasons (and I can think of many more) why you cannot miss this weekend's modeling contest in Leganés.

  1. It's the best modeling contest you will find nowadays in Madrid.
  2. The commercial area has stands from the best spanish companies and many will present their new releases (which you will be able to get before anyone else) this exact weekend.
  3. Because the weather is going to be awesome and this weekend you've got nothing better to do than walk your dog (got ya!).
  4. If you need a new wood plinth for your next creation, you will have plenty to find from the ones made by my good friend Oliverio Vaqueiro (el Peanas). Or you can order some customized one!
  5. Stormtroopers are super cool and there you will probably run into one.
  6. Because there will be beers. And then you'll cry because you missed them!
  7. Because if you enter competition in the Fantasy section, I will be deciding your fate. Well, myself and Enrique Velasco (emuse), who has the only Arkham Sanity Certificate of the two of us. ;)
  8. Do you remember that modeling tool that you are missing and can't find anywhere? I'm sure you will find it in some stand in the commercial area.
  9. Because there's painting and sculpting demos from some of the best artists of the country.
  10. The selfies in Leganés with all the celebrities, of course. Did you miss them last year?

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I will be judge of the Fantasy section, didn't I? ;) Maybe I did... I'm not sure. :P

Click on the image to see it bigger

Need more reasons?

See you this weekend... in Leganés!


Porta said...

Otra razón es que yo también estaré...Por cierto, la dirección de entrega de los jamones...

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