Thursday, March 5, 2015

The 2015 Miniature Events to come

You can feel it in the weather... Spring is coming! And with the new season, it's time for miniature events all around the globe!

I have updated the Events section of the blog, where you will be able to find all the dates of the 2015 contests worldwide (that I have knowledge of). Some contests that will likely take place this year, are still unknown (like Golden Demon 2015, as if we didn't expect that). But of course, if you can give me more information about contests that you know, please do! :D

Have you decided yet which ones you will attend?? ;)

Just this weekend we have Painting Crusade in Belgium! One of my favourites! I will not be able to go this year because it coincides with a wedding (its also that time of the year) but if you have the chance, I strongly recommend you to go. It's a wonderful experience!

But keep your eyes peeled because the week after here in Madrid we will celebrate the fifth edition of the Leganés contest! I will soon post about it because this year it is a bit especial for me. ;)

In the meantime, as I know some of you are a bit lazy to go and click on the Events section of the blog, let me share them here for your convenience. Enjoy!


    • 14-15 Montreux: Montreux's miniature show, Salle Omnisports de Clarens, Montreux.
    • 14-15 La Condotta: Contest organized by the italian association of historical figurines La Condotta, in Calenzano, Florence.
    • 19 Crystal Brush: The CoolMiniOrNot contest, the one with $10,000 for the winner in the Adepticon, Chicago.


    • 11-12 Montrouge: Concours international de l'Association Figurines et Maquettes de Montrouge (AFM).
    • 25 Salute 2014: The world famous wargaming and miniatures event in the ExCel, London.

  • MAY

    • 8-9 MFCA Show: Contest of the Miniature Figure Collectors of America (MFCA), Valley Forge Casino Resort, Pennsylvania.
    • 16-17 Open de Bretagne: VIII edition of the Open de Bretagne de la Figurine, organized by Chevaliers du Centaure, in Salle l'Estuaire, Couëron.

  • JUNE

    • 12-14 Concurso Fuengirola: XXI edition of the contest Fuengirola Un Sol de Ciudad, in Fuengirola, Málaga.

  • JULY

    • 27 Figureworld: Miniature expo event, no contest! School Great Hall, New Street, Oundle ( near Peterborough ), PE8 4GH.




    • 30(oct)-1(nov) Soldat de Plom 2015: Contest of the association "El Baluard", in Girona. Open format.


    • 6-8 Monte San Savino 2014: The greatest party in the miniature painting world shares weekend with the contest that attracts the best painters in the world. Open format.


MrLee said...

Great to see such a list! Bookmarked for future reference ;)

Orb said...

July looks empty! There's this quite fantastic no competition show in the UK

Rafael García Marín said...

Thanks for the info Rob! Updated ;)

fig78 said...

Hi, I think you missed the AFM montrouge show, in april closed to paris... I guess this is perhaps one of the 2 or 3 best show in france..

Rafael García Marín said...

Thanks fig78! Updated ;)

Stoessi said...

Thanks for putting this list together!

Corvus said...

Thank you for the effort :)

Unknown said...

I have been to NY events several times with my friends and family. We all loved to go to these events and spending good time there. You know, I have heard about miniature events. At last, I am going to attend this event. Thanks for providing event schedule.