Monday, October 13, 2008

Apothecary by Matt Cexwish

This is the miniature which got Silver on Golden Demon Germany 2008. It's a great idea for a figure, taken from the space marine rites. There's a Space Marine device inside of them which is too valuable to be lost, so when posible, it is recovered from dead Space Marines to be reused on others. This scene (quite gore) represents this moment, an apothecary is getting this device out of a Space Marine corpse.

Congrats to our friend Matt for this award. It was a pleasure to share podium with this great painter, better person. I will never forget our time at Köln after the event, we had great fun! Pity we won't be able to attend Golden Demon on Poland this year. Hope to see you on our Golden Demon if you come again this year!

Click on the photo to see the coolminiornot entry.

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