Thursday, October 9, 2008

Who had the guts to finish this?

When we plan to get into a new figure, what always comes to our mind is the eternal question. What will I do to make this new miniature unique? The pose? Static or dinamic? mmm... there are a lot of static poses in figures already. Come on! Let's do a dinamic one, running maybe? Charging! Or even jumping!

But after all this good intentions, you get into modelling and converting and then you see there's no way that figure will stand on his arm... the metal parts make the figure bent like madness... its imposible to paint that tiny little thing that although hidden remains visible to everybody from kilometers away. And in all your desperation, the miniature falls to the floor (or even worse, falls to the floor when you just finished painting) and all this apocaliptic scene finishes in a maremagnum of broken pieces, destruction and chaos. So you finally decide to paint a monocomponent Space Marine right out of the box and there you have, all your problems are solved.

Well, it turns out that some chosen people are able to triumph and not only ignore the laws of physics but also Murphy's Laws. How can someone paint this diorama and not break anything in the process?!

It's insane... Congrats to Talonicus for finishing this scene and not die while doing it. And also for the Golden Demon of course (bronze in Diorama GD UK 2008). I don't know how were the other entries but I'm sure there was great competition!

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