Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Daemonette by Kai

When I first took a look at the WIP about this one I knew it was gonna be one to remember. Holy shit, this guy is really into painting with this super cool nightly style! And he even gets to blend to hell with a base in black primer! Unbelievable. I have to see him doing this because I just can't understand how he does it.

Well this figure is going to be an exchange between two great friends, Kai and Lotina (both my friends too, Christian and Pedro), and I don't know what Lotina is going to paint but I would bet he is going to be the winning side on this one! Nah... I'm only joking, give Lotina just one week and he'll get you painted something even better than this daemonette. Just let's wait and see. I hope he will be sharing his part of the deal with us!

May this post be my personal tribute to this great two painters, and for Kai's return to painting, can't wait to see what he'll be showing next!!

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