Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Extra! Extra! Spanish Golden Demon 2009 in Madrid!

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Some information filtered by gaming clubs from Games Workshop and the organisers of the event say that its very posible that this year's Golden Demon is going to be held in Madrid. It will be the same weekend as the D.O.S Warhammer tournament. The date of the event would be Sunday 15 of March and the actual location would be Leganés, a small city close to Madrid, which also held the D.O.S. event last year.

If this news are confirmed, people who prefer Madrid for the event will be very happy. We have been asking for this many years now and finally they are answering our prayers. Now we just have to attend the event on masse and make it the best event of the world. Let's make them see how reasonable they have been!!

Also, people who prefer playing to painting will have the chance of attending D.O.S. which will be held the day before, Saturday 14 March. But there are still some questions to be answered, nothing is confirmed yet. Will there be Games Day? What will the categories for Golden Demon be?

Whatever happens, its good enough that people begin to talk that the Golden Demon 2009 is going to be actually held. Not everyone thought this was going to happen! News can't be better. Of course I will be there... will you? We're gonna have so much fun!!!!

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