Friday, October 17, 2008

Take care of the sea by Remy Tremblay

The other day I was talking to some friends about this one. I thought I had to share it with you all. This masterpiece is one of the best figures done this year, and one of the most fantastic i've seen in my whole life. It's name "Take care of the sea" and the author is the french Remy Tremblay.

Have you noticed the turtle crying? It's also a compromised figure! This is what a turtle feels if you destroy their homeworld. Even turtles can cry!

We had the discussion whether this piece should be considered as a miniature or as something more. I believe that this kind of artwork is beyond the mere miniature hobby. It's quite big in fact, 6 inches long. But the length is not the problem. I think that this kind of work is closer to SFX than to our figurine painting hobby. This is truly realistic, its like you had a real turtle cut out its head and put it on top of your desk. Amazing. Never seen anything like this if not from a movie or such. In fact, we don't see much of this kind of things these days. Cinema tends to use more computers and less plastic puppets and that's a real pity. Do you remember how cool where all those monsters made out of nothing but plaster, paints and lots of make-up?

This turtle from Remy shows me why they will keep on using computers. To achieve this level of realism you have to be greatly skilled, and spend a whole lot of time... and in cinema that means a lot of money.

At least we will always have these amazing figures from amazing artists like Remy. Congratulations. Sincerely.

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