Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Non Metallic Metals and Chrome effects

Today I give birth to this new section of the blog. I'm going to post photos from miniatures I see, and I begin just right now. I'll begin posting this awesome miniature from Pinnen, a Sweden painter who did this incredible Abaddon from Forgeworld (a very old miniature) quite big in fact (28 cm tall). The NMM and the contrast between the whites of the face and the reds and yellows of the armour are simply amazing. They remind me of the World Eaters painted by Vincent Hudon which inspired me very much and led me into painting miniatures more seriously. Check it out:

The other miniature for today is the winner of gold in the Open category in the UK Golden Demon. This is a Marneus Calgar of the Ultramarines painted with a supernatural taste. It has a wonderful chromed effect very well executed which catches the eye instantaneously, brutal contrast and maximum smoothness. Precious effect which you can't miss! Thanks to Brokenblade for painting this marvel.

I put you links to coolmini for both of the figures so you can vote them:

Marneus Calgar
Abaddon NMM

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