Thursday, June 2, 2011

WIP: Death Korps of Krieg Army part 3

Previously on... WIP: Death Korps of Krieg Army

Heading for the Golden Demon Spain 2011, I have decided to paint 5 of the Krieg Army soldiers to enter competition with a very simple squad.

First of all I finished painting 5 of the bases and glued the soldiers to them. Normally I do the bases last, but this time I was very motivated to paint some bases and use oils and pigments so I just took advantage of this sudden burst of motivation (never underestimate these!). When I paint some more bases I will post a detailed process so you can see how to do it.

Meanwhile, here are the 5 soldiers chosen for this sacred mission:

The first:

The second:

The third, which as you can see is pretty advanced already, to test colour scheme.

The fourth, you can appreciate the difference between the left and right arms. This is the one I used in the painting demonstration in France and I painted just one arm to show contrast.

And the fifth.

They will all be placed in a very minimalist black base.

God I love Krieg!

Stay tuned.

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