Friday, June 3, 2011

Golden Demon France 2011 Photos (Monsters and Vehicles)

More photos from Golden Demon France 2011. This time, photos from the Vehicle and Monster categories.

Beautiful (or disgusting) Big Unclean One.

An ogre from Forgeworlds limited range.

I loved this Talos conversion. It got Gold in vehicle.

Beautiful Imperial Guard Tank from Aliaume Chapelle. Good job! I followed the amazing process on his blog. Silver in Vehicle.

Very nice idea for a spidey vehicle.

A Titan in all its glory.

Very nice idea for a dreadnought.

A waterfall which reminded me of Avatar. The judges in the contest wouldn't turn around the miniature so I could take better photos.

Slann mounting a living tree.

Goblin giant spider.

An old school giant.

And a new school giant, gold in Monster.

I couldn't better pics of this one but I loved it!

And a very funny Tarzan Troll!

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