Sunday, June 5, 2011

Golden Demon France 2011 Photos (Stand and Friends)

Finally, photos from the Stand "Mains des Maîtres", miniatures out of contest from the stand and awesome people.

This is the giant from Maxime Penaud which won the Slayersword last year (2010).

A beautiful Wraithlord.

Nurgle Juggernaut by Ben Komets.

Internal view of the Stand.

The Master of Puppets by Matt Cexwish (awful photo)

A great cybork.

You do not want to mess with this guy if you find him on the streets.

More Golden Demon winners from the past.

Beware the snake.

I think I remember this one from 2008!

Awesome Colonel Straken.

This photo is of an army of the "Armies on Parade" contest. I loved the desert theme.

A photo of my painting show.

Ben Komets.

Happy Ben and Matt Cexwish.

The program of the day at the Stand.

This is why Jose Manuel Palomares couldn't make it to the contest.

Ben Komets and Michael Delcroix.

The spanish crew! Jorge (ARI-A-KAS), his girlfriend and Guille (Malkav).

Awesome stand people!

And so the Golden Demon photo album ends. Thanks to all the people that made it possible. And for the super awesome weekend my special thanks to...

GUILLE! The man of the match.

And of course, the cute girl wearing my t-shirt!


IDICBeer 40k said...

Loving that Wraithlord

Minitrol said...

I get the feeling she didn't want her picture taken? Funny that...