Saturday, June 4, 2011

Golden Demon France 2011 Photos (Singles)

And yet more photos from France Golden Demon 2011. Now photos about Singles, this is, Single Fantasy, Single 40k and LOTR (Lord of the Rings) categories.

Beautiful Legolas, Silver in LOTR.

This one in Single Fantasy was one of the best of the category in my opinion but finally couldn't make it.

Ben Komets' Imperial Soldier, Silver in Single Fantasy.

This one is the Gold in Single 40k. A great miniature but people find it unfair because they believe David Waeslynk should have won with his Grey Knight.

A Lion terminator.

Bruno Lavallé's Bilbo which won gold in LOTR.

A mordor troll (just like the ones you can find when going to a club at night in Madrid).

Elf prince.

A Karandras, Silver in Single 40k.

Rusto's Grimgor. I love it. I don't understand how this didn't get anything.

A goblin assasin.

The new orc shaman which clearly offers many painting possibilities.

A chaos dwarf, I think we will be seeing many of these in the near future.

A blood bowl player from the dark elves.

The gold in Single Fantasy is from Bruno Lavallé and is one of my favourites of the contest.

A slayer dwarf.

Another Karandas.

A chaos terminator lord in NMM.

In this case the standard was very well painted.

A pretty Krieg Commissar.

The unfair Single 40k bronze, it deserved much better. From David Waeslynk. You cannot appreciate anything in this photo but the miniature is awesome.

A little sister of battle.

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