Monday, June 20, 2011

WIP: Death Korps of Krieg Army part 4

Previously on... WIP: Death Korps of Krieg Army

More advances in the Krieg unit.

In this step I improved contrast in the blue coats, rising the lights up with turquoise and white. I painted the gloves in scab red, the masks in rotting flesh and catachan green (same as the shoulder plates) and painted plain brown (english uniform) all the areas that will be painted leatherish. Also, the armoured plates of the gloves were painted plain metal.

Stay tuned!


Camelson said...

AMAZING! They must look awesome all together, I can't wait to see all them ready on the one pic! :D

Dark Tower said...

Phenomenal work, man! Inspirative as hell, simple and effective. Love your paintjobs and tutorials. Want more!