Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Photos V Encuentro de Miniaturismo San Lorenzo de El Escorial (Fantasy)

The fifth edition of "Encuentro de Miniaturismo San Lorenzo de El Escorial" took place this weekend. Once again I had the opportunity to become part of the judges (third time in a row) together with my friend Elias Alonso, and we could see very closely the works exposed there. I leave you photos of what you missed if you could not attend the event, today the Fantasy section:

This is ARI-A-KAS' Imperial Commissar presented also in GD France 2011.

José Luis Díez (Porta) modelled this dragon.

We also had 1:1 scale busts!

Roman Lappat (Jarhead from Massive Voodoo) art was also in this contest (a spanish collector presented his pieces for him):

Great sci-fi mechs:

One of Diego Esteban (Dieguete) giants:


Dieguete's Enigma dwarf:

An ork (the original sculpture is from Allan Carrasco)

The Hulk:

A great bust of Simian sculpted by Jonathan Monerris:

Dieguete's englishman:

Gord of Evil:

Dieguete's Terminator:

Roman's Soul Guardian:

ARI-A-KAS' after the battle bath:

Bard, by Porta:

An Ork by Sergio (LORK):

Nocturna's lady of night:

One Pinnochio and Jiminy Cricket from Tale of War's range:

A Ron and Bones pirate, also from Tale of War's range:

I have to show you yet some photos of the historial section of the contest, and of course, the Best of Show, which this year went to our friends Alfonso Girales and Diego Esteban for his famous giant "Dance, Morko, Dance".


Herr Reckerth said...

Hey Volomir,

thanks a lot for the pictures, there are some very nice entrys. I have a question concerning the imperial commissar conversion from the Latorre miniature. You mentioned that it was presented at the French GD, does that mean that it was in the competition? I am just wondering because we have quite strict rules at the German GD. Entering such a miniature here would take a lifetime ban from GD as a consequence.

Don't get me wrong with my question, I don't want to blame the artist of this miniature, I am just curious. :)

Keep up the good work on your blog.

Rafael García Marín said...

Hey Chris!

Yes, the commissar is made from a Latorre miniature, and it was presented at the GD in France. It won nothing and I don't know if it was because of the transformation using another brands miniature or because it just wans't good enough to win. But anyway, it goes to the Open contest and I don't think it will be a great deal if it is made out of something else but reflects the spirit of GW. And I've never heard of being banned for life from GD. Can that happen for real?

Herr Reckerth said...

Thanks for the info on the Commisar. Just to explain the change in the German rules: a couple of years ago you could do team entrys, where one person was the painter and another the sculptor. I always liked that idea because you can bring great talent together. Two years ago they changed the rules in certain ways.

1. All parts used on a mini must be from GW.
2. A mini must be entirely done by one person, no more team entrys.
If you don't follow the rules, a consequence can be a worldwide, lifetime ban from GDs. The German pdf is up on the German GW homepage. Personally I don't like this rule but it seems to be strict. I don't know if they would really ban someone for life or if its just blabla....

See you :)

Rafael García Marín said...

I'm pretty sure this would just be blabla. Why would they go through the pain of banning a person from a GD? They would just disqualify the miniature and thats it. Too much effort to ban a person from GDs just because of that! They would receive a lot of bad press and gain nothing out of it.