Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Kasrkin Sergeant (scratch built in 54mm)

Ever since I started sculpting, I wanted to make my own version of an Imperial Guard Kasrkin. I loved the concept art by Karl Kopinsky, and I loved the original 30mm miniatures by Juan Díaz released by GW. It took me quite some time since I first thought about it and when I finally did it, but I managed to do it in the end.

The sculpture was done entirely in Milliput, and it took quite some time to be completed because I did it in between other projects. Also, it was the first sculpture I have separated in parts to be casted afterwards.

My first intention was to enter Golden Demon in the category of Large Scale with it. While I was sculpting it, GW decided to erase the category from their contest, and even though I was really disappointed because of this, I wanted to finish it for fun. I really enjoyed it. I managed to make a few copies of the sculpture before I painted it.

This first painted version of the Kasrkin Sergeant was presented in the Spring Angel 2013 and Monte San Savino 2013. In both contests, it took Bronze in its category, normally the most difficult one (Full Scratch/Creation/Open).

Behind the scenes: Photos of the sculpture and casts

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