Thursday, April 3, 2014

This weekend: painting course in Barcelona and Crystal Brush in Chicago

This afternoon I take a train to the beautiful city of Barcelona!

These courses of "Teoría y Técnicas a Pincel" have been planned for quite some time now. They should have taken place long ago, but I had my unfortunate bike accident and had to postpone them. This time they will finally happen, let's hope that there are no more incidents to prevent it!

And while I will be in Barcelona spreading our addiction of colouring little miniatures, on the other side of the ocean, in the windy city of Chicago, one of the most relevant wargaming events of the year will take place, Adepticon 2014.

As you know, this big event, apart from being a giant convention of wargames and boardgames, is also the venue for Crystal Brush, the already famous painting contenst from CoolMiniOrNot, in which the lucky winner can get a massive prize of $10,000. And I say lucky because apart from obviously having a very well painted winner entry, it will have to be one of the favourite entries of the audience since 50% of the voting will come directly from the online polls taking place online live on Sunday, in the famous miniature website. These votes are always controversial because they are usually very conditioned by the quality of the photos that the organizers can provide for each participant. ¡And of course the critical mass that each participant can summon to vote for him/her!

There we will have, for second year in a row, our Spanish representative, Enrique Velasco (emuse), who will try again in a contest in which he already achieved second place in his only participation so far. Let's see if he can make it again to the top three! I'm sure that quality will not be the issue!

Everyone tuned in for Sunday voting!

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Unknown said...

First of all, that is one of the most magnificent pictures I ever saw of Barcelona!

Secondly, I am really a little excited about Crystal Brush this year, as there seems to be a much larger amount of top-painters compared to last year (which was, let's say, not so 'crowded').

I hope Emuse can go far again, but I am also rooting for Marike and our Buddy Hugo "Ichiban" Matte among other celebrities ;)

I'll be hitting those voting buttons for sure!