Wednesday, April 23, 2014

WIP: Ellyrian Reavers Part 6

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Let's move on to some other details of the horses, for example, the reins. Pretty simple paintjob, basecoat of some kind of brown, English Uniform for example.

And then, a fine outline over the top to define it. I could have done some gradient or texture, but this is not a very important nor visible element so for now I don't want it to pop out more. Pretty simple right?

Moving up in the miniature, I have the bow. Let's do a simple wood effect on them. Basecoat of a dark brown, Chocolate Brown in this case.

Progressively, I will draw the stripes on the wood, simple and thin lines of lighter browns.

In each stage a use a lighter brown, and cover less of the line.

I don't want to outline the whole lines, just some spots, like the upper part, or the part closer to the hand. Also, I outline the elements on the grip of the bow.

In this last step, I just slightly shade those elements and the wood with some inks, blue and brown. They give a nice satin finish which is perfect for my purposes.

I continue with the golden elements on the arms. On top of that brown coat, I just paint some flat gold colour.

Highlights of that gold are done with a silver metallic paint mixed with the previous golden colour, just following zenithal lighting.

The armour on the horse heads will also be painted in a very polished silver elven armour. First a simple basecoat of a dark silver metal, in this case Dark Metal from Scale75.

I start highlighthing progressively with lighter metallic paints. First, Heavy Metal (Scale75) and then Speed Metal (Scale75).

The lightest spots are done with White Alchemy (Scale75).

Now it's time for the blue elven look of the metals, shading down with glazes of turquoise.

And further with Dark Sea Blue.

It's important to have a clear outline of the elements so that everything is clean, I go over the recesses with dark inks (Green, Blue inks).

Another shot of the finished head, it's difficult to photograph metals on work in progress articles!

The face of another horse, this one was painted with Citadel metallic paints instead of the Scale75 ones.

It was pretty interesting to see the difference in metallic paints. For more info on this, visit my recent article about trying the new Scale75 metallic set.

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Swordmaster said...

Hi Volomir,

Thanks a lot for yet another great tutorial. I can't wait to see the final effect!

I really like how you combine metallic and non-metal colours and while you have already explained why you use them I have another question. I hope you don't mind but it is really unique. I have seen people using one or another so far but not much both.

My question is then, what you can achieve with using both type of paints (metallic and non-metal) at the same time that one or the other is not going to achieve? I can see the effect, of course, which is stunning but I wonder what is your aim.

Thanks a lot once more!

Rafael García Marín said...

Hi Swordmaster!!

Thanks for the kind words :)

Well, the key here for me is trying to achieve a higher contrast by using both matte and glossy kinds of colours. When I use metallic, I get a shiny gloss colour which will contrast with the matte finish of the regular paints. If you see how metals work in real life, the more polished they are, the more contrast they have in their reflections. That is why I use both nmm and metallics in the same place. I think that sticking to only metallics or only to non metallics is just a limitation! :)

Swordmaster said...

Hi Volomir!

Thank you so much for a quick reply! I must admit that your tutorials as well as recent Scale 75 paints review tempt me greatly to start experimenting with mixed types of colours.

I really hope you will find some time for more reviews of the Scale 75 sets. It would be great to have a combined one for metallic and non-metallic sets too, if you do combine them.


Rafael García Marín said...

Yeah, I most probably will do that! In the near future! :) Stay tuned and thanks for reading! :D

Rafael García Marín said...

Yeah, I most probably will do that! In the near future! :) Stay tuned and thanks for reading! :D

Ratzinger said...

When it comes to turquoise you are unbeatable mate. I start wondering how many bottles of hawk turquoise you have at home...