Friday, April 25, 2014

Torrent and Herzog von Bayern 2014 this weekend

This afternoon we are leaving for Valencia!

And what are we going to do there? Well... basically we are going to attend one of the most important events about modelling and miniatures that you can see in Spain. We are going to Torrent 2014!

I'm very excited for this, I've always wanted to go to Torrent for many years now and always something prevented me from doing so. But not this year! Finally!

But Torrent is not the only thing happening in the miniature world this weekend. We also have Duke of Bavaria! Or more exactly, Herzog von Bayern!

Another contest that I want to pay a visit to. Not last year, not this year... maybe next year? Please, event organizers of the world, do not make interesting events coincide in time! It's impossible for me to divide myself at the moment! Maybe the future will bring us a way to teleport or something, but until then...

Never forget to check the events section of the blog. That way you will never miss an event date! Don't say that you were not informed! ;)

See you guys in Torrent this weekend! :)

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SkelettetS said...

Have to check Torrent next year, sounds like a good excuse to visit spain. im off to Duke soon, have fun! :)